Facts and Figures

The following figures give approximate information regarding the design:

Total length: 76.3 km
European side: 19.3 km
Asian side: 43.4 km
Immersed tube tunnel: 1.4 km
Bored tunnel: 9.8 km
Cut-and-cover and open cut: 2.4 km
Maximum Depth of immersed tube tunnel: 56 m
Number of stations:
Existing stations to be upgraded/rebuilt: 37
New underground stations: 3
Length of platform, minimum: 225 m
Type of platform: Centre platforms
Max. peak capacity per hour per direction:
Existing commuter rail: 10.000 passengers
Upgraded commuter rail: 75.000 passengers
Design speed: 100 km/hour
Maximum operational speed: 100 km/hour
Expected mean speed: 45 km/hour
Headway (time between trains): 120 - 600 seconds
Number of new vehicles: Up to 440
Travel time total between Gebze and Halkali:
Existing commuter rail and ferries/taxi to or from boat: (railway - ferry - railway) 185 minutes
New and upgraded uninterrupted commuter rail: 104 minutes